Slideshow Help


This slideshow is meant to be very simple to use. You can see an example of the basic slideshow controls below.

Basic Control Panel

Sometimes there will be sound or narration that goes along with a slide, in that case the panel will look smililar to this:

Control Panel with Audio Button

When you move the mouse cursor over a button, the white portion will turn red. By clicking it once you will activate the button.

Hover Example

System Requirements

On most computers the slideshow will probably just work - if the slideshow doesn't work for you check the following:

Next and Previous Slide Buttons.

To view the next picture in the slideshow, place the mouse arrow over the next slide button until it changes color and then click it once.

Next Slide Button

To view the previous slide, click once on the previous slide button.

Previous slide Button

Play and Pause Buttons

If you don't want to click through the slides one by one, you can press the Play Slideshow button, and the slideshow will automatically move through all slides one at a time, pausing for a while between each one.

Play Slideshow Button

To pause the slideshow indefinately you can press the Pause button which appears in the place of the Play button when the slideshow is playing.

Pause Slideshow Button

Once paused, you can continue on with the slideshow by pressing the play button again.

Play Sound Button

Some slides have sounds associated with them. If this is the case you will see a 'Narration' label and a Play button, which will let you play the sound.

Play Sound Button

If the sound is playing, the play button will be replaced by a stop button with which you can stop the sound from playing.

Stop Sound Button

If the sound isn't working for you, see the section System Requirements above, which may provide you with some usefull information to get it working.

Viewing a larger image.

In most cases you can click on a slide to see a larger version of it. Simply put the mouse pointer over the picture and click on it.

In some cases, when you click on a picture a video will open up.