Seastar Amphibian Airplanes


Harusch Overhead Platterpull Surface Lift System

New for 2018!

  • Steel traction overhead lift system with 10ft of clearance to ground.
  • Nylon rope hangers with knobby grips and rope-end seat platter for a variety of conveyance purposes.
  • Uses include: Wakeboarding, snowboarding, tubing, terain parks, bunny hills & freight hauling.
  • Available with and without lift towers depending on length.
  • Extended and adjustable loading times (up to about 8 seconds).
  • Plenty of space beneath lift for lift track grooming with a snow cat.
  • Adjustable speeds.
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Surface Lifts and Accessories for Standard and High Snowfall Areas

(Photos: Slideshow)
  • Rope tow: Model 500
  • Handle lift: Models 650, 651,652, 653, 900, 1000 and 1400
  • T-bar lift: Model 700
  • Spring box replacement: Model T-38
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Private access lifts for homes and cottages.

Harusch Winter & Summer Tube Parks

  • Retrofit Existing Tubing Facilities
  • New Turnkey Installations
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Other Products

  • Other cable transport systems and accessories
  • Airplane trailers and hangars
  • Custom design and steel fabrication
  • Incline elevators: Model AG-6
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